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Live the Nature - Nature Is Our True Passion


DESIRE&PASSION was founded in 2000. We spent more than ten years developing cosmetics we apply on our skin. Until now, we still deeply believe that caring for customers and our environment makes a matter.


Our pure goal is to make customers smile with satisfaction. Therefore, we ponder the questions of why people exist on the Earth, and how close people can be with each other. We understand to treat people well, we need to treasure our living environment in the first place. Hence, seeing ourselves as hardworking gardeners, we are keen to contribute to Mother Nature, as if we spread bodhi tree seeds to millions of acres of land, and make the environment sustainable for future generations.


Caring for the Earth is a requirement of our faith. We’re committed to be surrounded by everything related to nature, and be passionate about helping our consumers to take care of themselves by using products in an environment-friendly manner. 


Sincere and Respect

Thanks a lot for paying attention to dp brand, welcome to come in dp cleansing world. We focus on natural environment and every customer with sincere, producing typical oriental feature bath products with respect.